2023 CAMPS

Registration is now open for:

Men's Roundup

September 8-10


EBC Family Camp

August 11th-13th

See Darin Nicholson for more information.



See below for a list of camps that happen throughout the year. These are an opportunity to get together, fellowship, enjoy God's beauty in our surroundings, and to learn more about his word and to glorify Him.

Family Camp

Family camp will be August 11-13

Men's Roundup

Men’s Roundup is a Christian men’s conference held in a forested mountaintop setting at Camp Tadmor where men are challenged to believe, obey, connect and lead. Roundup features an inspiring and challenging primary speaker, some well-known guest artists and musicians, biblical teachers leading life challenging action workshop sessions, great food and opportunities for guys to worship, learn, grow, and connect with other guys. Roundup is also a wonderful opportunity to appreciate God’s beautiful creation, hang out with friends, and break a sweat in the Roundup Race or other sports competitions and outdoor recreation activities.   Men 9th grade and older. Click here for more information. 

Sons Of Thunder

Father/Son Weekend 1st - 8th Grade Boys Sons of Thunder is not one more activity to fill your child's summer, one more camp to entertain your son, one more thing to check off your to-do list, or one more hobby to pursue. 

Sons of Thunder is designed to set you up to hit a home run as a dad. God has specifically placed you in your son's life to journey with him as you both discover who it is God is transforming you to be.  This gathering is aimed at providing a space for the men of your church to live out their calling of healthy fatherhood. The weekend is not driven by new information on how to be a father or son, but by intentional experiences that allow you to be dad and boys to be son's as God intended. This is also a great event to bring the boys that God has put in your path who do not have a father in their home. Click here for more information.  


Camp Fircroft's sole purpose is to refresh and strengthen Christians in the air of Langlois, Oregon. 

We have all been struck by the majesty of creation so visible from the mountain top. Our goal is to challenge students to a faith In Christ that affects their obedience, consistency, actions, and attitudes, addressing what they believe and why, in an atmosphere of excitement and growth.  Elementary Camp 3rd - 5th grade   Junior High Camp 6th - 8th grade   High School Camp Info 9th - 12th grade.

Camp Good News

Child Evangelism Fellowship offers this camping opportunity for children as a part of their mission outreach. Camp includes Bible lessons, craft, missions, recreation and many other activities. Kids ages 6-12.

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Church Venture Northwest

Women's Camp

July 14-16, 2023 at Camp Tadmor!

Get Lost In The Great Adventure Every day of our lives we are caught up in stories; through books, TV shows, movies, and even chatting with friends over coffee. We seek stories out for the adventure and the romance. We love the compelling characters and the gripping plotlines of a book or a movie. 

Why are we so moved by story? Because it's written in our hearts, in our very DNA. The Word of God reads like the best love story ever written. Full of heroes and heroines who show up just in time to save the day; kings and beasts, celebrations and feasts, the Bible is the story of God's relentless love-pursuit of His people. 

We are calling each of you to step outside of your daily lives, stop what you're doing, and take a look at the bigger picture, the great adventure that God is weaving together for His glory. Once we can grasp the story arc that God is writing, our own worries, desires, and fears begin to fade into the background. As we step back for the grander view, let's ask how we fit into God's epic tale. Where does the thread of your delicate life play its part in God's great adventure? 

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