Who We Are

We are a spirited bunch of youth, children & adults who want to experience life at its best – abundant, real & forever!  Our name describes us:

Emmanuel – We believe that Jesus was speaking truthfully when He said, “I have come that they may have life, & have it to the full” – that life begins with a relationship with Jesus! 

Baptist – We believe the Bible is God’s Word, & that it’s relevant to our lives & reliable!

Church – We believe faith is lived out in relationships!  We are committed not only to orthodoxy (sound doctrine), but to orthopraxy (putting what we believe into practice). 

EBC is part of the Coquille Valley Christian Ministerial Association, a local consortium of churches who cooperate to share life in Jesus. 
We are associated with Church Venture Northwest an association of 250+ churches in the Pacific Northwest who share common doctrine, polity & philosophy of ministry. 

What We Believe

We are unashamedly a Bible-believing church.  We believe the Bible is God’s truth for all times.

We believe in one personal, majestic, & supreme God who is one in essence & three in personhood: Father, Son & Holy Spirit. 

We believe God created humanity, male & female, in His image.  God’s will is for human beings to know Him, love Him & enjoy His favor – forever. 

We believe in the reality of sin – rejection of God’s authority – & its inevitable consequences.  All humanity is tainted by sin & in dire need of redemption. 

We believe that though humanity was guilty of sin & worthy of punishment, God loved the world so much that He sent His one & only Son to die for us.  All who will believe in Him are forgiven, declared clean & welcomed by God – for eternity. 

We believe that God places His Holy Spirit in all who believe in Jesus, grafting them into the Church, which is a very real spiritual entity that shares in Christ’s mission of redemption. 

We believe God’s kingdom has begun, but isn’t fully established.  Christians – living by Jesus’ values & following His example – help “His kingdom come, His will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” 

We believe that Christians have no need to live in fear of the unseen or unknown, but instead live under God’s favor & look forward to a glorious future in heaven, in all God’s glory & peace & abundance.  Hallelujah!

For a more extensive description of our doctrine, see CB Northwest doctrinal statement. 

If you are interested in reading our Constitution and By-Laws, please click here to view and download the PDF file.